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Welcome to the website of The Prophecy Society. Here you will find books and articles about a seldom-discussed topic, Bible chronology, and you will have access to new Bible-based interpretations of chrono-specific predictive prophecies that have probably been regarded as "too difficult" in your local church or synagogue. As you look around this website, you will quickly discover that the chronologies and interpretations presented here are not available anywhere else on the Internet. You will also discover that they answer many of the questions left unanswered, or poorly answered, in the study Bibles and biblical commentaries popular today. Our research and its resulting scholarship are centered on the Bible, which we believe is the revealed word of the one true Living God, and it is sustained by the belief that the Bible can be understood by anyone who is genuinely seeking to understand it with an open mind and a seeking heart. We hope that you enjoy your visit here, and trust that you will find our Bible-based discussions thought-provoking and spiritually enriching. If there is anything you don't understand on this website, ask us about it. We're here to help you as you study and meditate and seek to understand the mind of the God of the Bible from the Scriptures. Also, visit our blog.


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