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Welcome to the website of The Prophecy Society. Here you will find books and articles about a seldom-discussed topic, Bible chronology, and you will have access to new Bible-based interpretations of chrono-specific predictive prophecies that have probably been regarded as "too difficult" in your local church or synagogue. As you look around this website, you will quickly discover that the chronologies and interpretations presented here are not available anywhere else on the Internet. You will also discover that they answer many of the questions left unanswered, or poorly answered, in the study Bibles and biblical commentaries popular today. Our research and its resulting scholarship are centered on the Bible, which we believe is the revealed word of the one true Living God, and it is sustained by the belief that the Bible can be understood by anyone who is genuinely seeking to understand it with an open mind and a seeking heart. We hope that you enjoy your visit here, and trust that you will find our Bible-based discussions thought-provoking and spiritually enriching. If there is anything you don't understand on this website, ask us about it. We're here to help you as you study and meditate and seek to understand the mind of the God of the Bible from the Scriptures. Also, visit our blog.


Daniel Unsealed

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ISBN 978-14895o5415
Softcover, 6x9 inches, 224 pages
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Daniel Unsealed
An exposition revealing what the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies in the Book of Daniel say about the Jews, Jerusalem, and the Anointed One of Israel

More than two-thousand years have passed since the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies in the Book of Daniel were sealed up to prevent them from being prematurely understood. After the command to seal them was given by God, it was revealed in the Bible that the prophecies would not remain sealed up forever, but would again be unsealed for understanding at the time of the end.

Now, twenty-five hundred years after they were sealed up in ancient Babylon, the prophecies have been unsealed in modern Israel. The event used to announce the unsealing to the world occurred in Jerusalem during the Six-Day War, namely, the return of the Temple Mount to Jewish sovereignty on June 7, 1967. The eschatological significance of that event went unnoticed by biblical scholars and theologians at the time it happened, but it has since turned out to be the key that was needed to unlock and understand all of the Danielic prophecies.

Using the interpretative key that was revealed for the world to see when the Temple Mount was liberated by Israel in 1967, biblical scholar and sacred chronologist Dan Bruce has interpreted the Danielic prophecies anew for this generation. His Bible-based exposition fully explains the seven chrono-specific predictive prophecies that were sealed up in the Book of Daniel so long ago. His fresh new interpretations are cogent and unique, and give undeniable proof that the God of the Bible always has been, and still is, actively engaged in the affairs of mankind.

By showing how the past two-thousand-plus years of Jewish history were foretold by the chrono-specific prophecies in Daniel and how, one by one, those prophecies have been fulfilled in history exactly as predicted--with some being fulfilled as recently as 1967--this book will open the eyes and ears of anyone who questions the reality of God's sovereign presence in the world today.

Sacred Chronology of the Hebrew Kings

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ISBN 978-1489509048
Softcover, 6x9 inches, 160 pages
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Sacred Chronology of the Hebrew Kings
A harmony of the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah, and how the chronologies and histories of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia synchronize with their reigns

Almost universally in modern times, the Bible has been rejected by scholars, including many conservative Bible scholars, as a trustworthy source text for the study of ancient chronology. Secular fields of study, primarily Geology and Archaeology, have all but assigned any chronology based on the biblical text to the academic dust bin. The purpose of this book is to reverse that trend--to show that the Bible is still the single most dependable source text available for doing serious chronological study of ancient times. It does so by using the details about the Hebrew kings provided in the biblical text to construct a precise historical timeline for that period, one that can be used not only for understanding Bible times, but for calibrating ancient contemporaneous chronologies as well.

The methodology used to arrive at the kingdoms chronology presented in this book is based on two important differences that distinguish the resulting dates for the reigns of the Hebrew kings from those published in all prior sacred chronologies. First, the chronology of the kings presented herein is derived solely from the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh, without depending on a secular chronology to anchor it in time. Second, it achieves exact harmonization of the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah with one another, then synchronizes the chronologies of surrounding civilizations with that harmonized chronology, all without having to disregard any of the biblical text or assume scribal emendation or error.

The sacred chronology set forth in this book provides Bible students, religious professionals, and scholars with a trustworthy timeline that can be used with confidence to achieve a more accurate interpretation of biblical history. It demonstrates that the chronology of the Hebrew kings is the best documented and most accurate ancient chronology, and that other chronologies, especially those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, are best understood when synchronized to agree with the Bible timeline rather than the other way around.

Lifting the Veil on the Book of Daniel

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ISBN 978-1489557773
Softcover, 6x9 inches, 86 pages
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Synchronized Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms
Comparing the Regnal Chronologies of Israel, Egypt, Assyria, Tyre, and Babylon between 1,006 BCE and 560 BCE (aligned with the Sabbath-Jubilee Calendar)

This book features a new harmonized chronology for the reigns of the thirty-eight kings and one queen who ruled during the period of the divided monarchies of Israel and Judah. The new Hebrew kings chronology used in this book was made possible by recent biblical research that utilized information contained in the Book of Daniel to identify the date for the start of the divided kingdoms period as 961 BCE, not the 931 BCE date derived from the traditional Assyrian chronology.

The new Hebrew chronology that is based on the 961 BCE starting date for the Hebrew kingdoms period allows construction of a more accurate reference timeline for the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah than is possible using the traditional Assyrian-anchored chronology employed by modern academia. Using the new and more accurate Hebrew kings chronology, along with the latest chronological data developed by scholars for the reigns of non-Hebrew kings in the nations surrounding Israel during the biblical time period, this book compares the regnal chronologies of Egypt, Assyria, Tyre, Babylon, and Urartu with the Hebrew regnal timeline. When compared with one another, the new Hebrew chronology and traditional Egyptian chronology yield exact agreement.

However, attempts to synchronize the Hebrew and Egyptian timelines with traditional Assyrian chronology reveal that there are thirty eponyms (and thus thirty years) missing from the Assyrian timeline as derived from the Eponym List and Chronicles, and identifies where those missing years can be found (between the end of the reign of Shalmaneser III and the currently-accepted starting date for the reign of Tiglath-pileser III). In so doing, this book shows that the biblical text is the most accurate and trustworthy ancient source text available for doing chronological research and historical studies, and demonstrates that the biblical timeline can be used with confidence to calibrate other chronologies in the ancient Near East.

About the author ... Dan Bruce is a research chronologist, Bible expositor, and avid student of both ancient and modern Jewish history. He was raised Southern Baptist, but in recent years has preferred to be non-denominational in his faith and practice. His chronological research is Bible-based, but it is not intended to advance any particular man-made doctrine or creed. He currently resides in a small suburban community on the far outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States ... read more.

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